Voice Services

We deliver high quality VOIP / voice services over the internet. This enables us to deliver cheaper voice services compared to expensive copper lines. We also have hosted PBX services available with modern features such as ring groups, multiple lines to one phone, fax to email, queues, IVR (interactive voice recording), etc. Our VOIP works over any internet connection.

Our Cloud PBX platform also provides advanced capabilities and features, such as desktop and smartphone applications for integrated communications on the go.

One-stop provider
Save time and costs by dealing with one service provider with a proven record of managing networks for many small and medium business organisations.

Reduce costs
Streamline your communications networks by combining voice with your existing WAN. And eliminate the need for ISDN lines and other traditional voice services along with associated costs. Once you’re on our Voice service, your inter-office calling will be at no charge.

Flexible and simple
The service is able to support a range of PBXs, regardless of age or technology. You are free to choose the voice application or IP-based hardware that you prefer, the choice is yours.

Ciber Solutions can help you deploy and integrate a VoIP solution that meets your unique business requirements by reaching us on info@ciber.co.nz or 098693994.