Backup & Disaster Recovery

If you have ever had a hard drive crash, you know that it never comes at a convenient time. All of those important files you had can be lost in an instant, and unless you’ve prepared by backing up your data, you may never be able to get any of those files back. No computer system is 100 percent fail proof. Robbery, a catastrophic event, an equipment failure, a virus attack or even simple human mistake could wipe out your business most significant resource – your valuable data.

An essential solution to your business congruity or disaster recovery methodology is the capacity to move down and store your valuable information to a protected offsite area. Cloud-based document management system (DMS) allows for regular, automated backup to data centres. These DMS-specific backup features also ensure information continuity for an organization in the event of office break-ins, a hard drive crash, or server going down. Cloud-based DMS automatically backs up files so that any potential disaster doesn’t interrupt your ability to conduct business as usual and ensures the continued survival of the organization.